Shuttle Tatting -

1. Shuttle

2. Thread from sizes 10 to 80

3. Patterns - instructions (We recommend Shuttle Tatting by Tatsy.)

4. Crochet hook (small size) -for connecting picots

Needle Tatting-

1. Tatting needles sizes #5 and/or #7

2. Crochet hook for connecting picots

3. Thread from sizes 10 to 80

4. Patterns - instructions (We recommend Books I and II by Barbara Foster for beginners.)



Double Stitch: 2 half stitches made with the shuttle, forming one stitch.

Ring: The required number of double stitches made with the shuttle thread only and drawn into a ring.

Chain: A scallop or cord made with the ball thread on the shuttle thread, not drawn up into a ring.

Picot: A loop left between stitches.

Join: A loop drawn through a picot, shuttle passed through it, and thread drawn tightly, or with the ball thread or threads tied around.

Reverse work: Turn the work and continue as before, but in the opposite direction.

Sets of stitches: 4-4 or other numbers are single stitches of the stated number, like the first half of a ds, then the same number of single stitches, like the last half of a ds; this is one set of stitches.


Ben Franklin's Craft Store carries these and other tatting supplies such as books, threads of various sizes, shuttles and needles. Dan Weaver, the owner, has encouraged and supported our club by giving us a place to meet on the second Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00p.m.