Size # 30 thread. lfneedle tatting, use #7.

Upper Wing - make two. It's a series of chains and rings with rings being connected by picots. Both chains and rings are 5 p separated by 2ds in between.

1. R 2ds, small picot, 2ds, p, 2ds, p, 2ds, p, 2ds, p, 2ds, close ring rw.

2. Chain same as row J but do not close into ring, rw.

3. R 2ds, attach to last p of first R, 2ds, cont. Until ring has been completed, rw. Repeat rows J & 2 until J 2 of each are completed

4. Twelfth ring attaches to first R via picot. Attach C # 12 to base of R1. Tie and secure with a pin dot of glue. Cut tie 1/2" beyond knot. This knot will act as a guide when connecting lower wings and body.

Lower Wing - make two. Attach in middle p of 2nd C from knot in upper wing.

1. C-2ds, 3p's separated by 2ds, rw.

2. R-2ds, p, 2ds, 4 more p 's sep. by 2ds, cl R. rw.

3. C-2ds, 5 P 's separated by 2ds, rw.

4. R-2ds, p, 2ds, join to 2nd p of previous R. Cont. 3 more p 's with 2ds between, cl R, rw.

5. C-2ds, in this chain only the p 's are larger in gradual sizes (3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1/2, 3/8) with 2ds between, rw.

6. R- repeat row 4.

7. C- repeat row 3.

8. R- repeat row 4.

9. C- repeat row 1. Connect this end of lower wing by tying to middle p of C 4 from knot of upper wing. Tie, glue knot. Cut thread close to glued knot.

Body- starts at top of antennae. R- 6ds, C-20 ds, p. Connect to middle p of upper wing chain above ending knot. 3ds, p, 3ds, connect to middle p in upper chain below knot of upper wing, p, 8ds. That completes one side of body.

Go back up with 8 more ds, attach to body p, connect 2nd top wing to body below knot, 3ds, connect to body p, 3ds, connect body to p in middle chain of upper wing above knot, connect to body p, C- 20ds, R- 6ds. Tie, glue knot.